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February 28, 2018 | 8 AM PST
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Webinar: Wireless Connectivity for Port Operations, Seaports, and Inland Harbors
When it comes to wireless connectivity, Port Operations pose a unique set of challenges. Seaports with rows and stacks of metal intermodal containers, tall cargo handling equipment, and port facilities often limit the capabilities of wireless solutions. Unpredictable weather conditions, high humidity levels and surrounding water also impact the performance and reliability at seaports and inland harbors.

Proxim Wireless invites you to join us for a free informative webinar ‘Wireless Connectivity for Port Operations, Seaports, and Inland Harbors’ where Andrew Hunter will take you through some of the common wireless deployment challenges and solutions in Port Operations and industrial applications. During this 1 hour event, Andrew will present and discuss wireless products which provide the best-fit to support video surveillance, cargo management, workforce safety, automated control, and equipment connectivity for harsh outdoor industrial applications.

Andrew Hunter
Senior Systems Engineer ,
Proxim Wireless
Key topics covered:
  • Considerations before deploying wireless in seaports and harbors
  • Overcoming common deployment pitfalls with proper solution design
  • Best practices for deploying industrial WiFi and Wireless backhaul solutions
  • Selecting the right products for your industrial application
  • How Proxim solves network challenges in seaports and harbors
Who should attend?
  • Wireless Network Architects and Engineers
  • Distributors and Resellers working with seaport and outdoor industrial connectivity projects
  • Seaport, harbor, and outdoor industrial networking teams planning to install wireless solutions, augmenting or migrating existing wireline networks to wireless connectivity at industrial locations.
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