Webcast: Tsunami® 10100 Field Performance and Case Studies
Launched in 2016, Tsunami® 10100 is a very high throughput, high power, extremely reliable and cost-effective, near-line-of-sight point-to-multipoint and point to point wireless solution. Since its introduction, users have experienced superior air true data rates and unparalleled reliability.

View the webinar recording where we will take you through the performance reports and applications where the Tsunami® 10100 has been deployed.

Who should attend?

Oscar Ubierna
Technical Sales Manager Proxim Southern Europe
  • Existing Users of Tsunami® product line
  • Architects and Engineers considering the Tsunami® 10100 or are looking for high performance multipoint and point to point solutions.
What will you learn?
  • Answers to FAQs such as performance over distance
  • Real performance results from live, deployed networks
  • Best Practices for Deploying Tsunami® 10100
  • Applications for which Tsunami® 10100 is a good fit and when it is not
  • Real World Case Studies from ISPs to Video Surveillance and many more
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