Webcast: Proxim Wireless for Warehouses and Logistics Companies
Warehouse and logistics companies are increasingly deploying Wi-Fi networks for scanning, VoIP, video security and warehouse management applications. Furthermore, IT teams are demanding higher capacity, reliable and cost effective backhauling solutions to aggregate all the inventory information from various warehouses and departments to the central office.

View the webinar recording “Proxim Wireless for Warehouses and Logistics Companies”, where Brijinder will walk you through Proxim’s indoor and outdoor portfolio that are designed for warehouses and logistics applications. We will also talk about our recently introduced Tsunami® XP-10100 ‘backhaul + wifi’ integrated solution that is designed for the supply chain and logistics requirements.

Brijinder Singh
Senior SE, APAC and ME
Proxim Wireless
Who should attend this Webcast?
  • System integrators, engineering teams and organizations looking for robust wireless solutions for warehousing and logistics applications
What will you learn in 60 minutes?
  • Key parameters and criteria to select wireless solutions
  • Common wireless challenges we have seen in warehouse deployments
  • Best Practices to design a wireless network for warehouse applications
  • Product portfolio overview and Q&A
  • Real world case studies
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