Webcast: Proxim Wireless for ISP & Carriers
The exponential increase in internet usage, subscribers, and service providers around the world share one common concern: How to address enterprise and residential demands with quick service delivery and high-speed network access – wherever they may be – with a cost effective solution.

View the webinar recording and learn how Proxim radios with wide frequency support enable service providers to:
  • Deliver guaranteed throughput and prioritized traffic over the air with Proxim Tsunami®.
  • Build and deploy scalable networks with hundreds of subscribers per base station.
  • Centrally Control and Manage your network

Andrew Hunter
Senior Systems Engineer,
Proxim Wireless
Benefits of Proxim Wireless solutions:
  • Incredible channel capacity, excellent spectrum efficiency and a robust QoS platform
  • Flexibility in service delivery using shared or dedicated bandwidth on a single network
  • Scalability to handle rural and urban subscriber densities on the same infrastructure
  • Security, performance and reliability meeting or exceeding leased line networks
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