Webcast: Powering On the Move Connectivity with Proxim FastConnect®
From railways to buses and ferries, supporting mobility applications is one of the biggest challenges in providing connectivity for municipalities and service providers. Traditional wireless technologies such as WiFi simply aren’t designed to support high capacity, high speed mobility applications, resulting in poor QoS. While LTE has the ability for this application, large traffic volumes result in unaffordable monthly bills.

View the webinar recording ‘Powering On the Move Connectivity with Proxim FastConnect®’ and explore how Proxim is able to establish high performance connectivity and support delay-sensitive multimedia applications on mobile platforms.

Frank Vorias
Senior Systems Engineer, Eastern Region USA
Proxim Wireless

Who should attend this Webcast?

  • System Integrators, Engineering teams and organizations looking for robust, high speed vehicle mobility solutions.

What will you learn in 60 minutes?

  • High Speed Mobility: Trends and Technologies
  • Key parameters and criteria to select mobility solutions
  • The Proxim FastConnect® Advantage - Proxim’s mobility technology and capabilities
  • Best Practices to design a wireless network for mobile applications
  • A wide variety of real world case studies of ferries, trains, buses and trams.
  • Product portfolio overview and Q&A
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