Webcast: Now Introducing the Tsunami® 10250 with Proxim SmartConnect™
Purpose designed for high bandwidth and high interference applications, the Tsunami® MP-10250-BSX is the next generation intelligent base station that combines Proxim SmartConnect™ technology innovation – Proxim’s beam steering (BeamX™) antenna and scan radio (Proxim SmartScan™) – with the high throughput, high power, and reliable Tsunami® 10000 platform. The new improvements result in an extremely robust solution that delivers more Mbps, even in the face of interference and opens up additional 5GHz spectrum.

View the webinar recording, where Jerome Alexandre, Director of Product Marketing will take a deep dive into the key applications, use cases and entire feature set of MP-10250-BSX and Proxim SmartConnect™.

Jerome Alexandre
Director of Product Marketing, Proxim Wireless
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