Webcast: Handling Outdoor RF Interference
The increased demand for IoT and sensor connectivity has driven growth in outdoor wireless solutions operating in unlicensed bands. The increase in wireless devices has forced manufacturers, integrators, and deployment teams to find new methods of interference mitigation. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in unlicensed bands cannot be completely eliminated however the impact can be minimized.

View the webinar recording ‘Handling Outdoor RF Interference’, as Oscar Ubierna walks through some of the concepts and common causes of RFI and discusses some best practices which help minimize the impact of RFI on wireless networks. He will also take you through the Proxim advanced suite of dynamic and adaptive Radio Frequency technologies known as Proxim ClearConnect and WORP® which ensure high spectrum efficiency even when faced with challenging interference conditions and high density radio environments.

Oscar Ubierna
Technical Sales Manager Proxim Southern Europe
Key topics covered include:
  • Site Survey for interference detection before deploying wireless systems
  • Best practices in avoidance and management of ambient and self RF interference
  • Overcoming common deployment pitfalls with proper solution design
  • Overview of Proxim proprietary interference mitigation technologies
Who should view the webinar recording?
  • Wireless Network Architects and Engineers
  • Distributors and Resellers working in outdoor wireless communications space.
  • Networking teams planning to install wireless solutions, augmenting or migrating existing wireline networks to wireless connectivity.
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