Webcast: Exploring HD Video Surveillance via Wireless Networks
Despite the rise of wireless in the video surveillance infrastructure space, organizations and enterprises across the globe still view wireless with some level of concern.
  • Are wireless networks reliable enough for video security?
  • How can a wireless network support the bandwidth intensive requirements of video surveillance?
  • Is my information really secure with over the air wireless communication?
View the webinar recording "Exploring HD Video Surveillance via Wireless Networks", where we will answer these questions. We will also walk you through some real-world deployments where our networks continue to support an entire network of HD cameras for mission critical applications such as public spots and events, refineries, railways etc.

Oscar Ubierna
Technical Sales Manager Proxim Southern Europe
Who should view the webinar recording?
  • Network engineers who are either exploring or have queries on wireless as a reliable medium for video surveillance.
  • Wireless System engineers looking for high performance network solutions.
What’s in it for you?
  • A session that will answer your questions regarding wireless networking solutions for video security.
  • Real world case studies and client testimonials of wireless video surveillance deployments
  • How do Proxim's advanced technologies - WORP®, ClearConnect® and FastConnect® address video surveillance requirements?
  • Unique advantages of wireless over wireline solutions.
  • Key considerations while designing wireless video surveillance deployments: bandwidth requirement estimates, licensed or unlicensed, QoS, and more.
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