Webcast: Enterprise Connectivity and WiFi Solutions
As Wi-Fi emerges as a productivity-enhancing wireless application in the enterprise, the requirements placed on Wi-Fi infrastructure are more than ever before. Capacity planning, infrastructures selection, high Quality of Service (QoS) are few of the many things that trouble IT and network engineers.

View the webinar recording ‘Enterprise Connectivity and WiFi Solutions’ where Oscar will cover key enterprise connectivity aspects such as indoor and outdoor WiFi planning, building-to-building connectivity, wireless HD video surveillance etc.

Who should view the webinar recording?

Oscar Ubierna
Technical Sales Manager Proxim Southern Europe
  • System Engineers and Wireless Network Engineers who want to learn about WiFi and point to point and multipoint solutions and their applications in an enterprise environment.
What will you learn in 60 minutes?
  • Deployment and capacity planning of enterprise WiFi and inter-office connectivity
  • An overview of Proxim’s ORiNOCO® WiFi product line and Tsunami® point to point and multipoint solutions.
  • Real world case studies and why Proxim is the favoured choice.
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