Webcast: Best Practices for Configuring your Tsunami® 10100
View the webinar recording and explore the Tsunami® 10100 platform as we provide you with in-depth, firsthand knowledge on the best practices of installing and configuring your Tsunami® 10100. The webcast will feature a walkthrough of Proxim's embedded intelligent wireless router protocol-WORP®, Proxim ClearConnect® and Proxim FastConnect®.

Who should Attend this Webinar Recording?
  • You are an IT/Network manager, system integrator who already owns Tsunami 10100’s and wants to know more about the Tsunami® 10100.

Oscar Ubierna
Technical Sales Manager
Proxim Southern Europe
Key Highlights of the Webcast
  • Best practices for configuration and deploying Tsunami® 10100 systems
  • Deep insights into installation and survey tools.
  • Proxim advanced RF technologies
  • Configuration tips for advanced QoS implementations
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