April 24, 2018 | 9 AM PDT
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Webinar: Best Practices for Deploying Traffic Control
and Video Surveillance
We’d like to invite you to our webinar ‘Best Practices for deploying Traffic Control and Video Surveillance’. This 60-minute session, presented by Jeff Butler, will discuss a number of successful traffic control and HD camera implementations.

Proxim’s high-bandwidth, high-availability solutions have enabled a broad range of traffic applications including traffic signals, cameras, digital messaging signs, electronic toll collection, and speed sensors. We have 30+ years backhauling CCTV cameras on six continents. Our end-to-end Wireless portfolio includes Point-to-Point radios, Point-to-Multipoint radios, and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi.

Please join us at 9 AM PDT on April 24. You won’t want to miss this Webinar.

Jeff Butler
Systems Engineer,
Western US,
Proxim Wireless
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